Virtual Permit System Parking Services Northern Illinois University

Your information can be viewed and updated via your online parking account. You will be asked to login through the Cal Poly portal with your ID and password. For best results, choose a system that scans windshield stickers that are assigned to each vehicle. That way, when drivers pull up to your gated entry, the reader will scan the sticker and determine that the vehicle is authorized to access. As an added benefit, residents can move the sticker to a different spot on their windshield or move it to another car entirely. You can fix some of these issues by using vehicle readers and cameras to keep track of who is using the spaces.
They select their car and they will be provided with the car parking location relative to their current location at the kiosk. DSS can manage multiple parking lot entrances and can work with multiple ANPR cameras setup at entry and exit points. To develop a Parking access revenue control system that will allow vehicles unrestricted egrees without the customers having to remember space number or license plate number. Staff/faculty with a long-term campus permit will continue to be allowed to park in event lots at no additional cost.
Please visit lpr parking solutions to update your information any time a change occurs. Remember to also delete old or unused vehicle listings from your account. You will need to enter your new vehicle first before deleting old ones. You may only have 5 vehicles registered to your account at any time.
Automatic license plate recognition cameras and back-office server software capture GPS location and date/time stamps to identify vehicles that are in violation of parking regulations within a specific area. Upon permit registration/payment, vehicle license plate number will be entered into the parking software. The software combines the license plate information with the individual’s permit type and generates a virtual permit linked to that license plate. AutoChalk cameras and equipment are mounted at all the entry and exit points of the garage. Vehicles entering or exiting the garage are sensed, illuminated and photographed from behind to capture the license plate and tail end of the car.
Reduce data entry errors by scanning and reading license plates and comparing them to scoff and permit lists. Point the handheld at the license plate, and automatically capture the plate information anywhere in the application that requires plate data, such as tickets, timed parking, and parking rights. If you have questions about a specific violation, your vehicle, or your property, please contact your apartment community or towing company directly. ParkingSnap is a software program used by property management and parking enforcement professionals, our staff will not have information, or the authority, to help you. Our web-based client portal allows your customers to provide real-time parking authorization, updated enforcement requests, and the tools you need to streamline your operations.
Due to the volume of motorcycle makes and models available, select “Other” if your motorcycle is not included in our vehicle database. Individual parking contract holders at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus may opt in to use license plate recognition technology to enter and exit gated parking facilities that are accessible to their contract. LPR provides an additional access method which can be used interchangeably with a parker’s U Card or PTS Parking Card. Provided license plate numbers are linked to the parker’s contract for use by the LPR system.