Profitable and Easy

Read-a-thons are an educational, but also very fun PTA fundraising idea. In essence, your PTA will make money by having students get pledges from relatives, neighbors, family, friends, and others for completing a certain amount of reading. Very few fundraising ideas have this much educational benefit for the students, which is why it’s easy to convince others to donate. Think of high school fundraisers fundraising ideas to add to this fundraising event to make it more fun for the kids and help you raise money for your school needs. The so-called ‘Kindness Rocks’ are simply flat rocks that can be purchased at local arts and crafts stores.
Before completing the challenge, supporters can ask for pledges from their peers in exchange for their participation. For example, you may ask participants to dress up as their favorite story book character and go to a public place to raise money for the school library. Your school can minimize this waste—and raise funds in the process—by running an electronics recycling drive. Partner with an organization (such as Planet Green Recycle) that collects recycled electronics. Ask students and their families to donate used ink cartridges, phones, and other small electronics, and then send in the donations in exchange for a check.
Students solicit pledges from friends and family members who agree to donate a certain amount per page or book read. For example, a read-a-thon may take place over a week, a month, or a quarter! At the end of the campaign, the students tally the amount they’ve read and request the corresponding agreed-upon amounts from their sponsors (say, 25 cents per page or $5 per book).
You can then display the rocks in the school or in the schoolyard. Sell the blank rocks that visitors can paint on to raise money for your PTA. Many PTAs charge around a $5 membership fee, but the amount varies greatly depending on location, the size of the school, and past fundraising success. The PTO at the Holy Mother of Sorrows church in Dupont, Pa., holds an annual Super Bowl chicken wing fundraiser each year. Orders are called in before the event and can be picked up on the day of the big game, with menu offerings including mild, hot, BBQ, honey mustard, and plain versions. Best ideas for daycares, elementary, high schools, colleges and more.
Have a location where parents can drop their children off for a night of fun while they enjoy a kid-free night out. Coordinate babysitters for the kids and events like games or movies. Funds will be raised by the parents donating money for the babysitting services. Why not give them a chance to showcase their work and raise money for their school? An art show can be a sophisticated evening where students can display and sell art pieces they’ve made at school. The funds raised helped a U10 girls traveling soccer team with registration costs, referee and team fees.
Team members and supporters alike can have fun competing and raising money by participating in classic and innovative field day challenges. Restaurant percentage nights are relatively easy to set up and can be very successful fundraisers for your team. After all, everyone loves going out to eat, and the experience is only made better when participants know they’re helping your team members advance. Your team members aren’t the only competitors in your community! Auction off sports-themed items to the highest bidders and enjoy an evening of fun with this unique fundraising idea.
Brighten someone’s day with letter writing, a great fundraising idea for schools to spearhead with younger students. Make going screen-free a family sacrifice that pays off by soliciting pledges for every hour (or day) spent off-screen. You can download apps to hold yourself to your surprisingly difficult promise. Consider making it a friendly competition, with the student who lasts longest getting a prize. Another reason to go with this screen-free fundraiser is that it’s one in a million free fundraising ideas. At Funraise, we believe fundraisers should be (wait for it) fun.