Fundraiser Ideas for Sixth Formers fundraiser companies for schools

Fundraising ideas for schools don’t have to end when the students enter Year 12. If your school happens to have a Sixth Form, they can always join in on the activities. If you know that some of the oldest students in your school might like an opportunity to put some things on their CV, or if the Sixth Form common room could use some new furniture or equipment, you might get them to try:

Film Nights or Festivals

If you’ve got a big enough sports hall or space for it and can set up a projector, you’ve got all the ingredients you need for a film night or festival at your school! Pick a night or series of nights, a film or a film theme (maybe they’re all the same genre?) and you’ll be ready. If you’ve got an A-Level Film class, you can even get them to join in to learn a bit more about what film exhibition is like and involves. Charge a small entry fee for the night (or perhaps a bit more if you’re planning several nights of films) and raise funds while having a night at the movies.


If you want a unique idea for your fundraiser, you can always ask your Sixth Formers if they want to take part in a charity Stay-Awake. In exchange for a small donation or some sponsorship money, students and teachers get the chance to stay overnight in your school, having fun and doing activities to make sure they don’t go off to sleep. It’s a challenge a lot of young people are equipped for, but perhaps schedule it for a Friday night so that they get to go home and rest a bit the next day! fundraiser companies for schools

Creative Exhibitions

You’re almost certain to have some particularly creative Art, Drama, or English students at A-Level, so why not help them to show off their talents? Scheduling a night or two to host exhibitions of their works – such as portraits and sculptures, plays, and poetry – is a chance to bring in money from friends and family who might be interested in what the students have done. It also gives your budding artists, poets, and actors a chance to see what hosting a real exhibition is like before they do it as a full-time job.

Charity Sports Matches

Everyone loves and gets into a good game of football, and these can be made into really exciting matches if you have your A-Level PE students taking on their teachers! Even if you don’t have a lot of students taking it as a class, you’re bound to get a few extra interested who like to play as a hobby. Alternatively, you can also try reaching out to other schools and Sixth Form colleges to see if they’re interested in competing in a small charity tournament. Charge a small entry fee and you’ll be raising funds in no time!

Walking History Tours

If your town or city has an interesting history, some particularly unique architecture, or something else about it that just makes it special and something people would want to see, then you can always ask a few A-Level History students if they want to help you set up a walking history tour. For a small donated fee, people can get a quick tour of your local area from students who can tell them more. You can even set up a refreshment stand to raise extra funds alongside it. 

Just don’t forget to ask the local businesses, organisations, houses of worship, or historical sites on your way if they mind you doing this! You might even be able to work in partnership with some of them if you decide to do this in the long-term.