13 virtual PTA fundraising ideas

Soon, donors will be using your text-to-give tool to give from wherever they are! You can even incorporate text-to-give into your next event or gathering and encourage all of your attendees to pull out their phones and make a donation right then and there. donations for nonprofits can enlist the help of a mobile bidding tool to create a tech-enhanced bidding experience for your attendees. Mobile bidding software also makes checking in, checking out, and item monitoring easier on your auction volunteers and staff.
Think board games, scary stories, read alouds, mini dance parties, etc. Overall, you can organize this in much the same way as a pajama day. To make sales go smoothly, organize books by reading level (children’s books, YA, etc.), genre, and language if necessary. You can also boost profits by selling refreshments like coffee or lemonade. The Box Tops for Education program has been helping schools raise funds for many years.
Even with COVID, there are still large outdoor events happening, such as drive-in movies. Some drives are classics, like shoe drives or canned food drives. For example, if your teachers need help stocking their classrooms, a drive of classroom supplies is an excellent choice.
The sports raffle basket is always a popular one because we all love, or know someone who loves sports. Be sure to combine them with a solid auction plan to drive success. One the other hand we also represent Poppin Popcorn Shop too. They feature a $12 popcorn and $18 popcorn fundraiser catalog.
Consider inviting a few famous (or infamous) band alumni or local celebrities to participate. This can help attract media coverage that can boost participation and sponsorship sales. If you move forward with this option, use this helpful checklist for planning a charity golf event to help you get started. Snackin’ in the USA is one of our most popular PTO fundraising ideas year after year with high school students.
Have tasters vote for the best soup, or appoint a judging panel. Combine the spirit of winter and giving with these cool ideas for winter. This works best for a nonprofit with strong ties to the community or a large number of committed volunteers. And to make the night memorable, plan a trick on your guests that will coincide with the theme of the movie.
Band members aren’t the only talented performers at the school or in the community. Hosting a talent show can be a great way to raise money for a school band. The school auditorium or gym is an ideal talent show venue for this type of event. For a community connection, recruit band alumni to judge the event. Charge a small entry fee for those who want to perform, as well as a nominal admission fee for those who wish to attend.
(Students can volunteer as scarers, too.) Promote your school fundraiser on social media and let Givebutter take care of ticket sales and registering volunteers. Get members of your organization to donate or buy one or two items each for the raffle and advertise tickets at your local stores. A raffle fundraiser requires a little more manpower and organization than other classic fundraising events, but is often more profitable.
We offer a huge selection of tried and true fundraisers so you can meet your fundraising goals. We helped more than 10,000 groups last year alone, which gives us great insights into what other school groups are doing to raise money. The bottom line is we are on the fundraising front lines every day. Since we introduced our $10 tub program, it has been, unquestionably, the top program for the past 5 years. Most of your customers are expecting to buy cookie dough in tubs, so it is an easy sell.
An added bonus is that they often offer ready-made designs, so you don’t have to worry if you are lacking in the design department. The students set goals for the GPA they will maintain throughout the semester or collect pledges for individual grades (e.g. $2 for each B or $4 for every A). If they meet their goals, their family or other members of the congregation will chip in for the travel costs. Being such a community practice/tradition, iftars are perfect for fundraising. This is why Ramadan is a great time to launch a “Give Something Up” campaign.